Former Steelers Hall of Fame QB and FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw is never afraid to shy away from being honest. Starting off with the battle for the NFL MVP, the season-ending ACL injury to Carson Wentz may have put a wrench in the plans for him to snag the MVP trophy with three games still left on the schedule.

“The guy that got hurt yesterday, Carson Wentz. I would say right now he would get the vote,” Bradshaw said on Tiki And Tierney. “You can give it to Tom Brady every year. Ben Roethlisberger, last night was phenomenal. The guy I keep going back to is Brady if Carson doesn’t get it.”

Speaking of Big Ben, Bradshaw made a comment last year calling his head coach Mike Tomlin a ‘cheerleader.’ Tomlin and others weren’t too happy with the comments. Bradshaw explained how it went down in full.

“I’ve only made a comment about Mike Tomlin, good or bad, one time, and that was last year. I think the walking on the sideline against the Ravens and walking out on the field and forcing the kick returner to change his path…I lost a little bit of respect for him there,” Bradshaw said.

“Then I started asking around…what does this guy do? Nobody could really tell me. They said the Steelers picked him up from Minnesota and he was a defensive coordinator. I was just watching him, and it came out of my mouth. So I just called him a cheerleader. All hell broke loose. He got extremely offended by that. I tried to call him two years ago, and he wouldn’t return my phone call. I went through Jay Glazer to talk to him and never heard from him. That wasn’t a personal vendetta. I called him a cheerleader and he was steamed. This year, I haven’t even mentioned his name.”

What is Bradshaw’s opinion of Tomlin a year later?

“I give him no thought,” said Bradshaw. “I see him all the time. I do not see him on the sideline and think cheerleader. I see him as the head coach and I give him no thought. He does not cross my line. I have absolutely no opinion of him. I probably shouldn’t have said cheerleader, but I did, so I stand by it. I give it absolutely no thought. If he doesn’t like me, I could care less.”

If Tomlin called Bradshaw, would he apologize?

“No, I’m not going to apologize,” said Bradshaw. “I see him on the sideline. I’m not going to apologize. For what? Calling him a cheerleader. That’s like when I said if you want a quarterback to win Super Bowls, you take Brady, if you want one to break passing records, you take Manning. All hell broke loose over that. They called and said you owe Peyton Manning an apology. No I don’t.”

The Steelers take on the Patriots on Sunday in a monumental game with first place in the AFC on the line. How good is the Steelers defense now that Ryan Shazier is out for the season?

“That defense with Shazier out, that defense is not that good,” Bradshaw said. “It’s good, but it’s not that good. You’re telling me that defense is going to beat New England in Pittsburgh. Then what? I just don’t see anybody getting past New England unless they have a flub. I don’t see it. I have every right to feel like that because noone beats them. Someone has got to beat them. Nobody dominates them.”

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