The Ravens gave the Steelers a heck of a fight on Sunday night. Ultimately, they lost 39-38 as the Steelers squeaked out another tight game to improve to 11-2. With the loss, the Ravens fell to 7-6, but they still strongly believe they should make the playoffs.

“The mindset of a Ravens fan is…if you look at their last three games, all extremely winnable. It’s the Browns, Colts, and Bengals. The toughest of the three, the Cincinnati game, will be at home,” said 105.7 The Fan Baltimore host Jeremy Conn on Ferrall On The Bench. “A lot of projections have the Ravens playoff chances really high. Buffalo still has to play New England one more time. Some of the other tiebreakers out there, a lot of those teams play each other. If you’re a Ravens fan, you’re trying to be an optimist, you’re telling yourself you’re going to Jacksonville, to Kansas City, to San Diego…I think you have an opportunity to win any one of those three games.”

The Steelers are 11-2 and are alone in first place in the AFC. Are they that good of a team though?

“Realistically, who’s good in the league anymore? I’ve been saying all year long the Steelers are fool’s gold,” Conn said. “They play to the level of their opponent, especially if they have to go on the road. If they can beat the Patriots this weekend, which I think is a tall order, especially them coming off a loss. If they can beat them and get home field, I think it’ll help, but I can’t figure out why Pittsburgh plays so poor on the road. It always comes down to these walk off field goals.

“Who else has Pittsburgh dominated or beat? I just think the league is really watered down. Then we get this horrific news in the NFC with Carson Wentz going down. You look at some of the situations there and who do you buy into? It’s probably going to be the Pats again unless the Steelers steal one this weekend. I feel like coming off the loss Monday night, New England is going to come out and put their best foot forward.

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