Terrell Davis didn’t have a very long career, but he had an impressive one. It was good enough to get him enshrined into Canton this year in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame running back joined The D.A. Show in studio to talk about how special this year has been.

“When David Baker knocks, you’re in,” said Davis. “This is my third year being a finalist and every year you’re a finalist you either find out at the site of the Super Bowl whether you’re going in. It’s the day of NFL Honors. You’re in a hotel room and wait. You go in about 4:00. The first year you either got a call or a knock. My wife called because they called the house. She said the Hall of Fame called the house. I said why did they call you? Apparently my cell phone was off. They called and said I didn’t make it. Year two, I got a knock on the door. It wasn’t David Baker, it was another guy. I looked at him and said should I give you a hug or should I punch you in the gut? He put his hand over his stomach and I knew I wasn’t going to make it.

“Then when David knocked last year, the knock is distinctive. You know it’s David Baker. It’s like the FBI breaking the door. When he knows, you know he’s knocking. When he knocked, I grabbed my daughter, and I felt like that was the moment. We opened the door and I buckled to my knees. It was a relief.”

Davis waited around to finally get to the Hall of Fame. He wasn’t sure whether or not he was going to make it, but once people debated it, things got more intriguing.

“I was comfortable with my career. There was a part of it that didn’t have an ending,” said Davis. “My career was good and no matter what happened after nobody could take away from what we achieved when I was with the Broncos. I was comfortable with that. What I didn’t know was this process to the Hall of Fame. Before I was even mentioned as a Hall of Famer I was okay. But then when you start telling me and people start talking about whether I belong or not, you listen to it and they start to tease you a little bit about it. Then you make the semifinals and then it was the idea of man maybe it’s possible. Now you get to a point where you were getting six or seven years making a semifinalist. If I do advance, maybe I’m a senior candidate. The more it seemed like it was possible, the more I wanted it.”

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