With Carson Wentz out for the season, the debate has already begun on who will get the NFL MVP trophy in his place. The next man up almost always is Tom Brady. Many people, including John Jastremski, who was filling in for Amy Lawrence on After Hours With Amy Lawrence, wants to find somebody else besides Brady to take the crowd.

Former NFL kicker Jay Feely was having none of that.

“In my mind it’s Tom Brady,” said Feely. “I think every week what you see is people not wanting to give Brady the MVP, because he’s been there and he’s done that. They won so much and they have been in the Super Bowl, and they have done all these things, and I don’t want to give it to him, so I’m going to find anybody else. So if it’s Wentz, it’s Wilson, it’s Antonio Brown, now every week you’re trying to find somebody else. The guy is having an unbelievable season. The guy has put the team on his back even when they have had injuries, even when they lost their best receiver, and their tight end is not there, and they don’t really have a running game, and they’re going through struggling pains early on with their defense. It’s Tom Brady. He’s the MVP of the league.”

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