Aaron Rodgers will make his triumphant return for the Packers on Sunday as he tries to play Superman. The Packers are 7-6 and a game out of the playoffs with three games remaining. What is the feeling right now amongst Packers fans?

“They’re mad. The people are mad. They’re mad at Mike McCarthy,” Bill Huber from PackerReport.com said on Ferrall On The Bench. “They’re mad at Brett Hundley because he’s not Aaron Rodgers. This is a very upset bunch. People are mad at Ted Thompson.”

Do people really want the coach and GM gone?

“Yes. Would they have won two or three Super Bowls with somebody else as coach? I suppose. Then again, maybe Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t be Aaron Rodgers without Mike McCarthy,” said Huber. “The fans are convinced that McCarthy is the problem and Thompson is the problem. The only thing this team has going for it is the guy wearing number 12.”

The Packers road ahead to actually finding their way into the playoffs is going to be very difficult. They are going to need to put on a miraculous run and get a little help.

“Winning out is going to be the hard part,” Huber said. “The help I think is semi-easy because all these teams play each other. They’re a game behind Atlanta. So if Atlanta stubs their toe…Seattle plays Dallas. The Rams play Seattle. The help part is the easy part. But Green Bay at Carolina, Minnesota comes here, they’re 10-3 and playing for home field is a ticket to the Super Bowl, which is a home game, and then Week 17 at Detroit, which is in the same boat as Green Bay fighting for the playoffs. That’s a tough, tough schedule. I don’t care who is quarterbacking, that’s an uphill battle.

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