What is a day in life without hearing the name LaVar Ball? Recently, LaVar decided to pull his songs LiAngelo Ball out of UCLA and pull LaMelo out of high school. Both have signed with a team in Lithuania and will play overseas. Many people have got sick of LaVar and don’t believe in the way he is handling his sons.

Former NBA player and current NBA TV analyst Steve Smith joined The D.A. Show Thursday to react to the news of them playing overseas.

‚Äč”For me, I wouldn’t have been ready to go overseas. I think every individual situation is totally different,” said Smith. “I think if you look at the Ball family situation, the one thing I will say about him, he feels he is doing what is best for his family The one thing I can say is that he’s a very good dad. We’re not talking about a basketball dad, we’re just talking about a dad.”

“There’s so many students here who are playing, there are three or four kids that have come over to play. They have come over in the ninth grade. I don’t look at that as not being a great parent. There’s so many kids that go overseas for not even talking about sports, for different programs. Just because there’s a kid at that age who is going overseas to look at his dream, or to further his career what’s best, I don’t look at that as a bad parent.”

Should he be put in a category of ‘bad dad?’

“Everything he has done…now there’s some things I have disagreed with how he’s marketed himself or his son, but I think overall we’re starting to put him in the category of bad dad, and he’s not a bad dad. You can disagree with ways in the management or marketing part, you can have a conversation about that, but I don’t think he’s a bad dad in what he thinks is putting his kids in a situation where so many people have done it not just in sports but in all different careers, where kids do leave home for a better life in other places.”

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