Sunday’s games around the NFL left a lot of people scratching their heads not just about certain calls from officials, but by the rulebook. What is a catch and what isn’t? The night cap left us thinking about the rule of fumbling the ball across the goal line becoming a touchback. Just how bad is that rule that cost Derek Carr and the Raiders a chance to win the game?

“I hate that rule. I think it’s an awful rule, the most unjust rule,” CBS NFL analyst and former NFL kicker Jay Feely said on Tiki And Tierney. “You’re diving for a touchdown, the ball comes just out of your hands just before you cross the goal line, and ends up being a touchback like David Carr’s and you lose the game. You lose the ball even though the defense may not recover the ball. That’s just a terrible rule to me. I had an interesting experience yesterday, because I finished the game, I run to the airport real quick, and I’m trying to get on a flight home, and a couple of the guys that were the referees that were calling the game were on my flight. So I got to sit and talk to them for an hour and a half after the game going over all their calls, the things I questioned in the game, why they made certain calls, how they feel about all these different rules. It’s just fascinating for me to get this insight. I’ll call Al Riveron on if I have a question and I’ll get his answer for me.

“You don’t get that opportunity to sit down and go back and forth, and when you do listen, the officials care so much about the game. They care so much about doing a good job, about providing a consistent ruling for the players both game to game, throughout the season, and obviously they are going to get judged on every call they make and don’t make. It’s a tough decision for them to be in, but you have to find a way to make those rules simple. When everybody looks at them, they understand what the ruling is. The play last night in Pittsburgh…when you touch a ball and you can reach out with the ball, that’s a catch. That’s a rule that needs to be changed.”

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