The ending to the Steelers-Patriots game left a lot of players, fans, and everyone scratching their heads. What is a catch and what is not a catch? The rules seem to always change and nobody knows what a catch is anymore.

“There’s a letter of the law and there’s a spirit of the law. I think the letter of the law was applied and the spirit of the law was totally ignored,” former NFL WR and current NFL analyst Qadry Ismail said on The D.A. Show. “I think Jesse James as well as even Dez Bryant some years ago then I think that was a catch. I am just as frustrated now as I was then that we still have thing hanging over us, just an intuitive view of was it a catch. The dude controlled the ball when it entered into his hands. He caught the ball.

“Now he is trying to make a football play into the endzone to stretch to get more yards, but yet somehow, someway they are feeling like the completion of the catch wasn’t made because the ball moves fractions of an inch here or there, but yet to the naked eye, to the guys on the field, to the coaches on the sideline, noone is raising up a holy hell saying it wasn’t a catch. That’s what frustrates me because it just was a catch, yet at the same time they’re making it not be so.”

As a former player, it must be frustrating to see these kind of calls go down all the time. Technology has changed the game in some good ways, and some bad.

“I guess you got to be careful what you ask for because you just might get it,” Ismail said. “I think that when it comes to the NFL, the use of technology, the way in which you go about basically legislating the game, the rules, and all that, I don’t like it when a guy is not capable of moving fast enough to be in position to get the spot right, or not have your eyes where it needs to be to say that was a hold or that was a pass interference. I do like technology, but at the same time I don’t like technology when it comes down to the absolute trying minuscule things that kind of take away from the game. I wish there was something that was more equitable as far as the human eye, the human nature of the game as well as getting it right. I just wish it was better.”

The Steelers and Patriots may very well face off again in January in the playoffs. This time though, if the Patriots hold on to that one seed, it could end up being in New England. Can the Steelers win there in the playoffs? a

“No, because I don’t think Antonio Brown is going to be the same Antonio Brown that I saw shred the Ravens,” said Ismail. “No I don’t think he’s going to be the same Antonio Brown that the Patriots are going to have to put all that attention on him. There’s something that is to be said about playing in Pittsburgh and the way in which they go out there and do what they do. I don’t think that when they go up to New England, I think it will be a different story. I think Rob Gronkowski clearly showed why he is the premiere dude for Tom Brady. He had as clutch of a performance in the most hostile of situations and delivered and delivered with ease. I think that he is unguardable. If you have a talented guy to guard him, he has an answer to every counter move. That two point conversion, that fade in the endzone, he looked like a wide receiver.

“I think up in Foxboro it’s a totally different ball game for the Patriots and they know it and Pittsburgh knows it too. That’s why Pittsburgh so desperately wanted to win that game and now they know they’re looking at the longest of odds because you go up to New England, it’s incredibly difficult to play, and psychologically you give it your best shot and you still couldn’t get it done.”

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