Diamond Dallas Page is a WWE Hall of Famer, but long before that, he ran a night club in Fort Myers, Florida, called “Norma Jeans.” That establishment is where he met his future mentor.

“The first time I met Jake The Snake Roberts, he walked into my nightclub, and I couldn’t believe he was in there,” Page recalled on The DA Show. “So I walked over to him, and I was like, ‘Hey, are you Jake The Snake?’ And he looked at me and he said (in a gruff voice), ‘Who wants to know?’ I said, ‘The guy who runs the place.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, I am. What are we drinking?’”



It’s a funny story, but it’s also a sad one, as Roberts’ battle with addiction has been well-documented. In fact, it was the focus of a Netflix documentary, The Resurrection of Jake The Snake.

“When you really think about my association with Jake The Snake Roberts, the first 10 years of our life was drinking and partying together, being on the road and having a cocktail,” Page said. “If you watched The Resurrection of Jake The Snake, you’ll see how my buddy went from the top of the world literally to the gutter. He was hooked on booze, pills, coke, crack – it was as bad as he could be. He hit the bottom of the bottom.”

As seen in the movie, though, Roberts moved in with Page in a last-ditch effort to get his life back on track.

“I help him turn his whole life around, and it’s super powerful,” Page said. “It’s the second-highest-rated sports doc on Netflix, which is pretty amazing when you think about how many amazing 30 for 30s there are out there.”

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