The drought is over.

The Buffalo Bills, who hadn’t reached the postseason this century, qualified for the playoffs Sunday, this after beating the Dolphins 22-16 and needing the Bengals to beat the Ravens in Baltimore.

Well, it happened. The Bengals came through in the clutch – and it was incredible.

For Bills fans, anyway.

“Listen, that’s the way to get into the playoffs right there,” Bills legend and CBS Sports NFL analyst Steve Tasker said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “That’s the best way ever. Forget being the 1-seed. Having it come so unexpectedly and having a couple things have to go your way, playing well that day, and then having the Bengals come in like that and having everybody see it together – the entire fan base and the team – is unbelievable.”



The Bills took care of business before beelining to the locker room to catch the end of the Bengals/Ravens. Baltimore forced Cincinnati into 4th-and-12 on the final drive. The game appeared over.

But then? Magic.

Andy Dalton found a wide-open Tyler Boyd for the game-winning 49-yard touchdown. Cincinnati, which was shut out by the Ravens in Week 1, scored 31 points Sunday.

In Baltimore, devastation. In Buffalo, jubilation.

“I’ve watched that locker-room footage 10 times – and would watch it another 10 times,” Tasker said, referring to the Bills’ celebration. “I remember how unbelievable that is. One of the reasons the team I was on in the ’90s was so special and went to four straight Super Bowls was because those guys knew each other so well and loved and respected one another so much. That team that Sean McDermott has put together is exactly like that. They’ve made great effort to get to know those guys personally and the players themselves knowing each other.”

The Bills (9-7) will face the Jaguars (10-6) in Jacksonville this Sunday at 1:05 p.m. ET. The Bills are a heavy underdog, but in the playoffs, anything is possible.

“The vibe coming out of that locker room is really, really special with this team,” Tasker said. “To see those guys genuinely love each other and enjoy that moment together after all their hard work and when no one really expected them to do that this season, I know how special it is. You can’t replicate it any other way. There is nothing in life that is like accomplishing something like that with guys that you love and respect and doing it together. It is just an unbelievable once-in-a-lifetime moment.”

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