Alabama and Georgia will square off in the national championship Monday night, and they’re about as similar as can be. Both are from the SEC, and both win with smothering defenses and down-your-throat rushing attacks.

And that’s before we get to the Saban/Smart dynamic.

“I wouldn’t imagine there are any secrets between Kirby and Nick Saban,” former Georgia quarterback and current 680 The Fan host Buck Belue said on Taz & The Moose. “He was his right-hand man for nine years. As far as Xs and Os go, I just can’t imagine there being any tricks or (that either has) anything up their sleeve they can use. They know each other as well as you can know somebody.”



Georgia scored 54 points in a double overtime Rose Bowl win over Oklahoma. The Bulldogs likely won’t break 50 against the Tide, who kept Clemson out of the end zone in a 24-6 Sugar Bowl win.

“This is a tough matchup for the Bulldogs,” Belue said. “Kelly Bryant, I thought, got exposed a little bit. I just don’t anticipate that’s going to happen with Jake Fromm. He’s just been rock-solid pretty much the entire season. He’s making the throws he needs to make. He’s coming up to the line of scrimmage, doing some quick math, diagnosing (defenses) – he’s getting out of bad plays and into good plays. I’m hoping Fromm will perform at a higher level than Kelly Bryant did.”

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