Justin Thomas, 24, is one of the best young golfers on the PGA Tour, but the 2017 PGA Championship winner is also an avid Alabama football fan. That’s because he went to Alabama. In fact, he led the Tide to the 2013 national championship.

In golf, not football.

Still, Thomas was glued to his TV on Monday night. After the national championship – which Alabama won 26-23 in overtime – Thomas tweeted, “I was never nervous”.

Really? Never?

“No, I was completely freaking out the entire time,” Thomas said on Tiki and Tierney, laughing. “That’s the hard part about texting or typing something out is the sarcasm isn’t there as much. But I was an absolute mess. A total wreck that entire game.”



Alabama trailed 13-0 at halftime, 20-7 in the third quarter, and didn’t lead until the final play of the game. In the end, Nick Saban won his fifth national title in nine years.

Tiki Barber wondered if some of the golfers on tour – especially ones from SEC schools – get annoyed with Thomas because Alabama wins so often.

“I hope not. I hope that they wouldn’t use that against me,” Thomas said. “I can understand the hatred toward Alabama, but I hope I’m at least good enough of a guy to where they don’t use it totally against me. It’s pretty funny. I told my dad I feel like I won a tournament because everybody comes up to me and says ‘Congratulations’ – like I won the football game. They know how big of an Alabama football fan I am.”

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