Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia has emerged as the leading candidate to become the next head coach of the New York Giants.

London Fletcher thinks that would be a mistake.

“Just off first glance, I don’t necessarily love it,” the CBS Sports NFL analyst said on Taz & The Moose. “You think about Patricia, he’s primarily a 3-4 type of defensive coordinator, and the Giants run a 4-3 defense. So now you have to identify the type of players that would fit his system. It’s hard to get that accomplished in one offseason.”



There’s also the not-so-great track record of Bill Belichick’s assistant coaches.

“Bill O’Brien is the only one who’s had marginal success,” Fletcher said. “The rest of those guys, they really haven’t had much success as a head coach. I would definitely pause based on those things.”

Patricia, 43, has also never had to deal with a great deal of media scrutiny. That would change in New York.

“That media in New York is totally different,” Fletcher said. “If you look at Patricia’s defense this year with the Patriots, that defense was pretty bad. I know they started to play a little bit better as the season went on, but look at the rankings. How (do) you think the New York media would deal with his defense playing the way they played this year?”

The Patriots allowed 31.3 points per game through their first four games of the season but just 14.0 points per game over their last 12.

“They picked it up, but it’s not a great defense at all,” Fletcher said. “Matt Patricia’s never had to run his own ship.”

Fletcher believes that Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks would be a better option for the G-Men.

“(The Panthers) run a 4-3 scheme, so it wouldn’t be any type of wholesale change from a schematic standpoint,” Fletcher said. “I think him taking over the unit this year for the Panthers after Sean McDermott went on to become the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, that defense was, I think for maybe half the year they were a top-five, top-three type of defense. Just as a communicator and things like that, I live in Charlotte, so I get an opportunity to see what type of influence Steve has on a defense. I’ve met with several guys who play for the Panthers and they talk about his ability to communicate and get things done with those guys.”

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