Seth Wickersham’s reporting exposed turmoil in New England this season, but when his piece broke, it was met with skepticism and denial, especially from the Patriots and their fans.

Well, perhaps it shouldn’t have been. Robert Kraft said Sunday that it was time for “strong-minded people” – Tom Brady and Bill Belichick – to check their egos and get it together.

Doesn’t that comment confirm Wickersham’s report?

“Man, that’s exactly how I heard that, too,” Boston Globe columnist Chad Finn said on The DA Show. “It’s fascinating because you read that story and you start recognizing where stuff may have come from or who might have been the source on this and who might have been the source on that. It gets really fascinating, and you start realizing that probably everybody to some degree had their say in that story – and then the story comes out and everybody pretty much categorically denies it or in some semantic way says that that part wasn’t true or this part wasn’t true. So to hear Robert Kraft say that yesterday, if I’m Seth Wickersham, I’m like, ‘See? This is validation right here that what I wrote is accurate.’”



Even Belichick may have validated the report to an extent. After the game, he downplayed Brady’s hand injury, saying, “He’s a tough guy . . . but we’re not talking about open-heart surgery.”

Kind of an odd thing to say after your 40-year-old quarterback just overcame a 14-3 deficit against arguably the best defense in football – and without his best weapon.

“It seemed like kind of a lousy thing to say in the situation,” Finn said. “He goes out and Brady does another incredible Brady thing without Gronk and his hand clearly hurting. Who knows how much it actually affected him because he played really well, but that game would be the No. 1 performance in the career of most quarterbacks, and yet, it sort of just stacks up with other ones Brady has achieved. But of course you’ve got to still appreciate them, yet Belichick just sort of blew it off in that situation. It was strange to see. Like with the Kraft comments, if I’m Seth and I look at that, I’d say, ‘There’s a little bit more evidence that maybe everything isn’t as peachy as it should be.’ I just thought it was kind of crude of Belichick to respond in that way in that situation.”

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