According to, Kyrie Irving threatened to have knee surgery last year if the Cavaliers didn’t trade him.

Rick Kamla has a hard time believing that.

“I’m not buying it,” the NBA TV host said on Ferrall on the Bench. “I’m not buying it all.”

Joe Vardon broke the story Thursday.

“I don’t bring up his name to throw shade or anything like that, but he’s from,” Kamla said. “If it were Woj (Adrian Wojnarowski), if it were David Aldridge, if it were somebody from the outside, I would (give it consideration). But because it’s from the inside, it feels to me like a LeBron leak to make him look better and to make Kyrie look worse. Are you buying that Kyrie Irving literally looked Dan Gilbert in the eye and said, ‘I’m going to have knee surgery if you don’t trade me’? I just find it hard to believe.”



Based on Irving’s play this season – he’s the best player on the East-leading Celtics (35-14) – his knee is just fine.

“If he were playing with a knee that needed surgery, don’t you think he would have had it?” Kamla asked. “He’s (averaging 24.5 points a game). He’s an MVP candidate – on a knee that needs surgery? I’m not buying it.”

At the time, Kamla heard that Irving quietly requested a trade but that it was leaked – by LeBron James.

“He got wind of Kyrie trying to go under the table, and LeBron wasn’t happy about that,” Kamla said. “LeBron leaked it through his sources to the press, and it blew up in Kyrie’s face and became a whole big deal. So I don’t know really what to believe.”

There was another report that James called Irving at the eleventh hour to try to mend fences and convince Irving to stay.

Kamla isn’t sure if he believes that, either.

“It seems based on the intel I got, LeBron was like, ‘Cool. You want to leave? I got this,’” Kamla said. “So it’s fun to speculate, but at the end of the day, we just don’t know. But what I do know is that Kyrie Irving didn’t go to Dan Gilbert and threaten knee surgery if he wouldn’t be traded. I’m just not buying that.”

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