The New England Patriots are playing in the eighth Super Bowl of the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick Era, but the ironic thing is that – relative to expectations – this team underperformed.

“This is a grimy team,” former Patriots linebacker and three-time Super Bowl champion Matt Chatham said on After Hours with Amy Lawrence. “This was set up in camp to be sort of that darling of the NFL. Just plough right through this thing (and be a historic) team.”



You know, destroy everyone. Flirt with 16-0. Win the Super Bowl with ease.

But then Julian Edelman went down. So did Marcus Cannon. So did Dont’a Hightower. And so did Malcolm Mitchell.

“All those people are gone and the roster is wildly changed,” “Chatham said. “Even just looking at the defensive roster from the Super Bowl a year ago, relative to who will be out there on the field this year, you’re different at five, six, seven spots at any time depending on the package. So that’s what’s unusual.”

Granted, the Patriots have won 13 of 14 overall following a 2-2 start, but this squad doesn’t have the championship pedigree relative to other Brady-led teams from the past.

“We’re here, everyone sees the red and blue and silver, and they see Tom and they see Bill and some of the familiar faces,” Chatham said. “But that’s not who these guys are. It helps me appreciate it a little more. Obviously I’m extremely fortunate to work in this particular market and you’re just used to winning all the time, but that locker room is full of people who haven’t done this yet. This is old hat to other guys, but these guys are having a good time. It’s new to them.”

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