Ray Lewis and Britt McHenry are well-known in the sports world, but they’re not as well-known on social media – or at least not as well-known as they want you to think.

Lewis and McHenry have reportedly boosted their social-media followings by paying a company to create fake followers for them.

Tech guru Katie Linendoll is vehemently against this.

“I’m all over that,” Linendoll said on Taz & The Moose. “I’m busting people left and right. I’m hot on this. I’ve been on this for years, and I’m jacked up about it.”



Lewis, a two-time Super Bowl champion, has 717,000 followers, while McHenry, a political commentator, has 449,000.

How many of those followers are actually real, though, is unknown.

“You’re taking your integrity and you’re throwing it in the trash,” Linendoll said. “I have a real hard time with it. Athletes, CEOs and executives are doing it – it’s so easy to do – but these big brands and advertisers, all they look at is the numbers, and the numbers in this case are lying. So you have all these followers that mean jack. You have no engagement.”

But if you have the numbers, you can make a lot of money.

“I legit have an A-list celeb friend that makes $150,000 off of one tweet,” Linendoll said. “That’s a legit endorsement deal. The point of my story is you can make serious money. Social media is currency now. You got a lot of followers on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’re making cash.”

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