Nick Foles will play the biggest game of his life Sunday, but he doesn’t need to win it alone. He has good offensive weapons, a good O-Line, and, perhaps most importantly, a ferocious defense on the other side of the ball.

“They bring the heat,” Philadelphia radio legend Tony Bruno said on Ferrall on the Bench. “And they don’t just send four guys. I’m not just talking about blitzing. They have the rotation. They can send eight different guys and keep them fresh. When Brady is working his magic and he keeps moving the ball down the field, the Eagles won’t have guys gasping for breath. I think they’ll be able to bring pressure without having to blitz. They’ll roll in seven, eight different guys. Their secondary is strong. Their linebackers aren’t that great, but their secondary has been superb this year, and they don’t give up a lot of points.”



The Vikings have allowed just 17 points through two postseason games despite being a home underdog against Atlanta and Minnesota.

“I said they would beat the Vikings by double digits, and it was even easier than that – not because I didn’t respect the Vikings, (but) I can just see this team being discounted,” Bruno said. “The Vikings were supposed to be the best (defense) in the league, and Nick Foles and the guys just sliced and diced them. Are they going to slice and dice the Patriots? I doubt it. But if they’re down 10 or up 10 late in this game, I don’t think Doug Pederson is going to play scared. I think he’s going to go for it, and that’s what fans have loved about this team – because of the injuries and the fact that they seem to like each other, and no matter who goes down, there able to step up and somebody steps in.”

While Bruno believes Rob Gronkowski will be “a huge problem” for the Eagles, he believes in the Philly secondary, he believes in the Philly defensive line, and he believes in Nick Foles.

“I’m not worried about Nick Foles becoming Cinderella and exploding and throwing a ton of interceptions,” Bruno said. “I know this: Doug Pederson has figured out what his comfort zone is: run-pass options, keeping the ball moving, spreading it around to different guys, and most importantly, being able to run the football. If they can run the football and control the clock, Brady will get his chances, but I don’t think the Eagles will give up a lead late like most people do despite the greatness of Tom Brady.”

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