Le’Veon Bell is perhaps the most versatile running back in the NFL, and he wants to be paid accordingly. If he isn’t, he may retire.

“I want to be a Steeler. I just want everything to be right,” Bell said on Tiki and Tierney. “I want to be a Steeler. I want both.”

But which comes first? Being a Steeler or getting paid?

“Listen, I want to be a Steeler first, but I know my value,” Bell said. “I feel like if I hit the market, I could ask for way more than I’m asking (from) the Steelers. I still feel like we’re getting a home discount. It’s not like I’m like, ‘This is my number. I want this. I won’t go below it.’ I’ll go below it because it’s the Steelers. I want to keep everybody together. I just want things to be right.”



Bell missed the Steelers’ offseason workout program in 2017 before joining his team nine days before the season-opener. He had refused to play under the franchise tag but ultimately signed it – and made $12.1 million in the process.

Bell produced at an All-Pro level. He played in 15 games this past season, rushing 321 times for 1,291 yards and catching 85 balls for 655 yards. He finished with 11 total touchdowns (nine rushing, two receiving).

Bell and the Steelers have set Feb. 20 as an arbitrary deadline to reach a long-term term. Brandon Tierney wondered if Bell will be insulted by Pittsburgh’s offer.

“I could be, yeah,” Bell said. “I feel like in the beginning, yeah, they definitely could do that, yes.”

Tiki Barber asked how much money it would take for Bell to remain a Steeler for the foreseeable future.

“You want me to say that number out loud?” Bell asked, laughing. “I can’t say that number out loud. I can’t say that number out loud right now.”

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