CBS Sports Radio host and lifelong Eagles fan John Kincade didn’t know if Sunday night would ever come, especially since the low point of his Philly fandom occurred just a few years ago.

That point, you ask? Chip Kelly – and the “God-awful mess” he created in Philadelphia.

“He gutted (the roster and got rid of) the beefy kind of guys who win in the NFC,” Kincade said on The DA Show. “Yeah, he was able to do some cosmetic things offensively, (but) I didn’t like how he transformed the roster. I didn’t like his whole smoothie nonsense. Just wasn’t a fan. And I never thought Chip Kelly was bought into Philadelphia. He never was one of those type of people.”



Doug Pederson, however, is the complete opposite.

“Doug Pederson, from Day One, understood it because he played for the team,” Kincade said. “He understood it because he was part of the Andy Reid tree. He knew exactly what he was stepping into. He didn’t try to reinvent the wheel; he tried to embrace what the city is all about. He might be the most beloved figure in the history of sports in that city.”

Pederson, 50, did what you have to do to beat the Patriots: he played to win. He didn’t play not to lose. He played to win. That meant going for it on fourth down, going for two-point conversions, and calling trick plays in crucial moments.

“It was the most aggressive game plan I’ve ever seen in a big game from any NFL coach,” Kincade said. “With everything on the line, he kept rolling the dice. Doug Pederson got crazy yesterday. He was hitting on 17s, he was doing all kinds of stuff, and somehow it worked out. It was beautifully executed. But if any of those things goes wrong – if they don’t convert that 4th-and-1 to Ertz and the Patriots get the ball on the Eagles’ 48, at that point Tom Brady’s got to go what, 15, 20 yards just to get in field goal range? A lot of things could have happened that just didn’t. So it’s a beautiful thing.”

Unless you’re a Patriots fan – or a member of the Boston media. Yes, in the preseason, numerous Boston media members picked the Pats to not only win the Super Bowl, but also go undefeated.

“In what way could any fan base or any set of media make the Philadelphia fan base rootable?” Kincade asked, prompting laughter from DA. “They’re such insufferable Boston blowhards. They made the Philly media – they made the Philly fans – America’s rooting interest. Forty-six states on that SportsCenter poll were rooting for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl. That says all you need to know about the insufferable blowhards.”

Kincade also questioned the fandom of countless Pats fans, calling them a “bunch of bandwagoners with Brady and Belichick.”

“I just don’t need to hear any of them,” Kincade said. “I don’t need to hear that accent. I don’t need to hear any of them about anything from this point on.”

Before the Super Bowl, Andy Gresh called out Kincade on social media.

“Andy Gresh was waiting to come on air after me, and he was sending taunting tweets, arrogantly, as the New England media does,” Kincade said. “He goes, ‘Listen to John Kincade trying to convince himself with all these numbers that the Eagles actually have a chance in the Super Bowl.’ I was like, ‘You might want to revisit that because the Eagles weren’t supposed to beat Atlanta, weren’t supposed to beat Minnesota, weren’t supposed to beat New England – and I predicted every one of them.'”

Admittedly, though, Kincade didn’t see the Eagles scoring 41 against Bill Belichick.

“I never thought there’d be that kind of scoring,” he said. “I thought 31-21, something like that. I never expected it to be a crazy game like last night. That was the best football game, especially for people who didn’t have a rooting interest in the game. That’s as good a theater as you can watch. That game was back and forth. That was a heavyweight fight.”

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