Donovan McNabb was the second overall pick in 1999 and spent 11 years in Philadelphia. He was one of the top quarterbacks of his era and constantly had the Eagles in the NFC Championship mix. Unfortunately for McNabb, he was never able to lead the Eagles to the promised land.

Nick Foles, however, did.

Is McNabb happy for the city of Philadelphia?

“I’m happy for them,” McNabb said on Tiki and Tierney. “That was one I wanted to bring home for them. We had five tries obviously in the NFC Championship and made it to the Super Bowl (but weren’t) able to complete the deal. Thirteen years later, the new regime comes in with a lot of players that were involved (during my era) – Duce Staley and Doug Pederson – to be able to get the job done. I’m happy for the organization to be able to accomplish that one goal, and I’m happy for the fans. This is one that a lot of the fans have been waiting on for years.”



Foles was superb in the playoffs. He completed 72.6 percent of his passes for an average of 323.7 yards per game and had seven touchdowns (six pass, one receiving) to just one interception. Nevertheless, McNabb believes the vast majority of Eagles fans will want Carson Wentz to start in Week 1.

“This is their guy,” McNabb said. “Carson Wentz is their guy. (Foles is) the hero for the time being. Answer me this: If you go to Tampa Bay, you think they still talk about Brad Johnson?”

Johnson helped Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl title in 2002.

Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney believe that Foles will be an icon forever in Philly. McNabb isn’t so sure.

“When it comes to Philadelphia fans, they’re going to talk about winning the Super Bowl,” he said. “And I guarantee when they talk about bringing Nick Foles into the conversation, they’re going to bring Carson Wentz into the conversation. They’re going to bring Doug Pederson into the conversation. It’s a team game, so they’re going to bring them into the conversation together no matter what.”

McNabb also doesn’t think this Super Bowl necessarily gives the franchise house money, so to speak. Eagles fans are happy now, he said, but they’ll expect a winner in 2018.

“Going into year, (it’s going to be), ‘Hey, we can win back-to-back,’” McNabb said. “That’s the way they’re going to feel with the anticipation of Carson Wentz coming back, that he’s going to be able to get back to his MVP form and lead them to that ultimate prize again. They don’t understand about injuries. They don’t understand about hey, you’re going to play a different schedule and now you got a target on your back. That’s nothing that fans think about. As players, that’s something that we focus on – until things start to change. So enjoy the moment. You haven’t been this successful in years, so enjoy the moment, enjoy the parade, and then when the time comes for next year, refocus and get excited about your football team.”

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