Jasmyn Wilkins and Olivia Jordan dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss the 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, which hit newsstands Wednesday.

“This is the Super Bowl of modeling,” Jordan said on The DA Show.



The swimsuit issue, of course, is one of Sports Illustrated’s most highly anticipated issues of the year. Wilkins and Jordan were both swimsuit-issue rookies this year.

“I feel like I was actually more calm during this shoot than any other shoot I’ve ever done, which was so surprising because you’re thinking, ‘You’re going into SI. This is the biggest shoot of your life,’” Wilkins said. “But everybody on set, they’re so cool. Olivia knows. They are some of the coolest people to shoot with. They make you feel so comfortable. Seeing all of your hard work finally come out, it’s really surreal. It’s very surreal.”

Wilkins and Jordan both said that all of their friends and family are requesting copies.

“I think that people think we get unlimited issues,” Jordan said, laughing. “Yeah, I want to sign an autograph for all of you, but everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, get me a copy.’ But I’m like, ‘Guys, I don’t have that many!’”

The issue was released digitally Tuesday, while the paper issue was released on Valentine’s Day.

“Buy it out,” Jordan said, smiling. “Then I’ll sign it for you.”

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