Feinstein: Bonds, Clemens Don't Belong In Hall; Might Be Time For New VotersPutting Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens in Cooperstown would be "disgusting," John Feinstein wrote, and too many voters fail to realize that
Steve Phillips: Put Bonds, Clemens, McGwire And Other PED-Era Greats In CooperstownThe Hall of Fame is a museum documenting the history of the game, Phillips said, so put the best players in and tell the story of each era
Ivan Rodriguez: I Played The Game With Respect, Never Took SteroidsPudge discussed PEDs, Cooperstown, Bonds versus Griffey, and Clemens versus Randy Johnson, among other topics
Jaffe: A-Rod's Hall Of Fame Case Different Than Bonds And ClemensJay Jaffe dropped by The DA Show to discuss his new book, "The Cooperstown Casebook"

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