Baxter: This Is Ronaldo's Best World Cup

With four goals in two games, Ronaldo has been the class of the World Cup

Ferrall On The Bench
June 21, 2018 - 9:00 am

USA Today Images


Cristiano Ronaldo had played in three World Cups prior to this one and had scored three goals – one in each. 

He has four through two games in 2018.

“Clearly it’s his best World Cup,” L.A. Times columnist Kevin Baxter said on Ferrall on the Bench. “There’s always been this debate: Who’s better? Ronaldo or Messi? Well, Ronaldo’s team has been outplayed by a lot in their two games, yet he scores a goal in the 88th minute to tie Spain (and he scores a goal to beat Morocco).”

Argentina, meanwhile, is coming off a 1-1 tie with Iceland. They play Croatia on Thursday and desperately need a win.

“Absolutely,” Baxter said. “If you look at what Ronaldo has done and then you look at how Messi failed miserably against Iceland – he had two attempts to win the game from set pieces and couldn’t score. Messi, he looked like he was sleepwalking through that game. Despite the 11 shots, he just didn’t look like he was really into the game. He needs to pick Argentina up. They definitely can’t afford a loss and they really can’t afford a tie.”