After Hours with Amy Lawrence - Eddie Johnson, SiriusXM NBA Radio Host/Suns TV Color Analyst/Former NBA Player

After Hours With Amy Lawrence
Thursday, April 8th
Eddie joins Amy to break down a big win for the Pheonix Suns over the Utah Jazz in overtime.

Eddie goes on to praise Chris Paul for the job he's done as a leader since arriving in Phoenix.

Eddie then credits the improvements the Suns have made between Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, Chris Paul, and Monty Williams.

Eddie reminds us that not every 'Super Team' wins championships in their 1st year, so we might want to pump the brakes on the Brooklyn Nets.

Eddie has no problems with 'Super Teams', as he would have loved to do the same thing during his playing career.

And lastly, Eddie believes Devin Booker and Chris Paul should gain serious consideration for Co-MVP Awards.