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7-19 Hector Ledesma Interview

Thursday, July 19th
Hector Ledesma, the Sports Director of KCWX in San Antonio, joins the program to discuss the Spurs' recent trade, which saw them acquire DeMar DeRozan, while...

7-18 Brennan Besser Interview

Wednesday, July 18th
Duke Senior Guard, Brennan Besser, joins DA in studio. He discusses biking all the way from Seattle to New York, to raise money for people with Intellectual or...

7-17 Dan Shaughnessy Interview

Tuesday, July 17th
Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe joins the program to talk about the Celtics' chances in the East next year, what some of the Patriots' rumors from this...

7-12 Pudge Rodriguez

Thursday, July 12th
Hall of Famer Ivan Rodriguez discusses his career and looks back at the 2003 World Series with DA.